Job Walkin’ BLVD Rec Center


BLVD Rec Center design team reviews construction progress on site

It’s been a long winter in California, which to us means lots of rain. Even as storms still found the Bay Area in early April (contrary to that lion/lamb adage), the BLVD Recreation Center design team visited Dublin and the under-construction project. Whenever possible we send our full project teams to the job site to see their designs in action – not the finished product (yet), but the innerworkings of the building systems that make up how the building will perform. It might look like contractors pulling data cables and framing soffits to most, but to our designers it’s an order of magnitude more.

Below are some (moderately nerdy) highlights from the field trip.

The “pavilions” taking shape – framing here the entry lobby, overlooks, and meeting rooms
Principal Andrea Gifford illustrates how the selected mechanical system was able to open up the office space
Andrea again with a member of the construction team. This outdoor walkway will overlook the pool deck, connecting workout spaces and the conference room.
(The pool isn’t excavated yet, but you can swim if you want to!)
This flexible blue conduit we learned is colloquially called “Smurf tube”
Gary, Nicole, and Karen take in views to the rest of the BLVD community