The Magic of a Jobsite Tour


Group 4 staff view the metamorphosis of the Burlingame Community Center construction site 

One of Group 4’s favorite activities is touring construction sites as our projects take shape. We like geeking out and expanding our knowledge of building components that are critical to the performance of well-designed buildings – and eating ice cream sandwiches afterward! Last week, we brought the Group 4 office out to the Burlingame Community Center jobsite just as drywall installation begins, so our staff could observe building systems and mechanical, plumbing, and electrical infrastructure before they are hidden behind walls and ceilings.  

Construction of the new Burlingame Community Center is progressing rapidly. With an all-electric commercial kitchen, solar panels, and other sustainable features, the building is designed to zero net energy standards. It will feature spaces for all ages, ranging from a “kids’ town” and “teen scene” to a lounge aimed at seniors and multigenerational spaces for arts and crafts, dance and fitness, and more! The new community center will open to the public in the summer of 2022. Read more about the project here. 

Here are some photos of our Group 4 team onsite: 

Ice cream sandwiches!
Drone view