Daniel LaRossa

Daniel’s passion for design infuses his work, from his earliest formative sketches through construction of his fully-realized projects. Dan is an enthusiastic proponent of co-creation and community engagement, and is as much at home swapping ideas with colleagues, problem-solving with engineers, and working with clients as he is with his sketchbook. The results of this integrated design approach are dynamic, adaptable buildings across the country such as the Rinconada Library in California, the Indian Creek Library in Kansas, and Dayton’s Main Library in Ohio. 

Outside the studio, Dan firmly believes that good design has the power to shape and transform communities around the around the world. He has collaborated extensively with BuildingTrust International, an architectural non-profit, to design and construct community centers and schools along the border of Thailand and Myanmar. The first community center was featured at the Museum of Modern Art’s design exhibit “Insecurities: Tracing Displacement and Shelter.” 

When he is not sketching, Dan’s zeal for travel, hiking, and running every alley in Philadelphia broadens his perspectives and inspirations for each new Group 4 challenge.