Gary Ching

As both a skilled technical architect and our master of technology, Gary keeps the office running while simultaneously keeping us all on our toes with his quick wit and light-hearted humor. Gary’s abounding diligence in every aspect of his work has resulted in many successful projects, including the award-winning Boulevard Recreation Center. Whether he is laboring over an architectural drawing or painstakingly rebuilding a computer, Gary steps into every project with unbridled energy and meticulous care. 

Gary is also a natural leader, effortlessly guiding the office through countless lessons and tutorials on everything from architectural software to video conferencing. In addition to sharing his technical knowledge with all of us at Group 4, Gary is also a valued educator at the City College of San Francisco where he gives students a solid foundation in the most up-to-date and relevant Revit technology. 

Whenever we need Gary to fix something we’ve invariably broken, he’s most likely to be found in the server room or sneaking his way into yet another photo bomb. Of course, once we’ve found him, most of our computer issues inevitably end with Gary’s patient and legendary query “did you try restarting?” 

Outside of work, Gary is an avid electric car enthusiast — a perfect merge of sustainability and technology — and he loves vacationing with his family at Legoland, Disneyland, and in Mexico.