Cincinnati Downtown Main Library

Cincinnati Downtown Main Library

Cincinnati, OH

Group 4 is transforming Cincinnati and Hamilton County Public Library’s downtown Main Library into a welcoming, flagship destination. Updates to the plaza, atrium, and interior of the existing mid-century South Building are part of the first phase in enacting the recommendations laid out in the 2019 Facility Master Plan. A 2018 voter-approved levy is funding the extensive renovation projects.

A lively new plaza will activate the Main Library’s entry area and connect to pedestrian spaces in the Central Business District. Colorful illumination will enliven the exterior at night, while the large glass curtain wall will welcome visitors and showcase the re-envisioned atrium beyond.

Inside the atrium, an inviting social stair will entice visitors to explore the library’s upper floors. The stair will also knit together the Walnut Street and Vine Street entrances while providing a range of seating opportunities for individuals, small groups, and large events. New skylights will bathe the space in light. The transparent, welcoming atrium design provides new amenities and gathering spaces, as well as a more intuitive connection to the upper floors of the library.

A gallery space, an updated children’s area, and multipurpose rooms, along with other interior and exterior improvements, will make the library into a unique downtown destination for all ages.


  • Client: Cincinnati and Hamilton County Public Library
  • Scope: Main Library Renovation
  • Status: In Progress

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