The Hive

The HIve

Spokane, WA

In 2018, the Spokane community enthusiastically approved funding to revitalize library facilities. One of the five improvement projects – dubbed “The Hive” – is an example of Spokane Public Library’s innovative approach to redefining what a library can be. The Hive features flexible studio spaces for expanded creative programming and for hosting artists-in-residence. Gallery space showcases the work of local artists as well as art produced in the studios. A large, flexible meeting and training space accommodates a wide range of library and community programs. The 13,900 square foot building is designed to have a distinctly industrial feel, reflecting the character of its urban context as well as its function as a destination for making and meeting in the community.

In the words of the Spokane Public Library’s Director Andrew Chanse, “Our hope is that The Hive can be a new platform to new connections, new conversations, new introductions, and new ideas.” This nontraditional library was collaboratively funded and designed and is operated in partnership with Spokane Public Schools, whose virtual education program is also housed in the facility. The design is the result of a successful collaboration between the design architect Integrus Architecture and Group 4.


  • Client: Spokane Public Library
  • Status: Completed


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