Jill Eyres

Jill specializes in planning, programming, and research services for community facilities. In her projects, she helps clients and communities tell the story of their vision, values, and needs – with clear and compelling findings and recommendations that are easily communicated. Her approach to programming is highly interactive and collaborative; Jill works with clients, designers, and communities to establish a strong foundation for service and impact within project-specific parameters and opportunities. Jill has presented at conferences of the Environmental Design Research Association, the Public Library Association, the California Library Association, and the California Park & Recreation Society. 

Outside of work, Jill loves to travel around the globe. Recent adventures include roaming the wilds of Wyoming on horseback; touring Tuscany by bike; hiking in northern Vietnam and Bali; and exploring the urban wonders of Chicago, Istanbul, Budapest, and Berlin. Closer to home, she plays endless games of fetch with her chihuahua, Minnie