Teresa Rom

Teresa Rom’s thoughtful rigor and keen design eye are unmistakable in every project she touches. Palo Alto’s Mitchell Park Library and Community Center is a testament to Teresa’s unwavering dedication to design excellence through every step of the process, from the citywide library master plan through the final touches just before its grand opening.

Teresa delights in the details, effortlessly tackling the nuanced issues that the rest of us shy away from, while still balancing the big picture. Through each endeavor, Teresa keeps us ¬†well organized and on schedule. (Her spreadsheet prowess is second to none!) As a problem solver, Teresa can most often be found in a team huddle. Whether she’s bent over a recent sketch with colleagues, or gazing skyward at a new building under construction with a contractor, Teresa works through each new challenge with a collaborative, solution-oriented spirit.

When she’s not in the office or walking a job site, Teresa loves traveling the world and keeping up with her family. From spelunking with glow worms to plummeting down a mountain in a giant inflatable ball, she’s always up for adventure!